Tennis at 8:30 on the schedule.

 Yes, we rise early to avoid the summertime heat. After a little warm-up, head to the courts! Each child receives a tailored approach since different groups are formed based on age and ability, and all children participate equally.

 10 o'clock Recovery and second breakfast (we kindly ask parents prepare lunch box and bottle of water).

10.30 The party has just begun! Every week differs from the one before it. Our crew creates distinctive children's entertainment and education activities! Along with painting and molding, we also go to the beach, attend performances, practice our English, and play poolside water activities. We also play monopoly and chess. We help create the best childhood memories!


13:00 Time to leave for home.

Tennis is a fantastic exercise for kids since it enables them to socialize with others and work as a team while still having fun and making new friends. Perhaps most significantly, they forego technology in favor of in-person interactions.


We guarantee that your child will have a terrific time, get in excellent shape, learn new things, and make friends this summer.

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